Pool Service

Tile, Coping and/or Plastering

If your pool is dated, or in need of a facelift, new tile can make your pool look brand new. Or, try going natural with gray plaster and stone coping for the look and feel of a blue lagoon. The best time to renovate your pool is in the Spring or Fall. Call for more details. How about a tile mosaic in your pool? Mermaids, dolphins, turtles, fish, etc….call today for a complete catalogue!


Is your pool painted? If the paint in your pool is failing [peeling, chalking, etc.], the best way to fix it is to take it off. By Sandblasting your pool, we can remove the paint right down to the bare concrete. After clean-up, we can re-paint or re-plaster your pool.

Pool Openings & Winterizations

U.S.A. Pools is a full-service company. We can open and/or close your pool from start to finish. Or, just put on or remove your cover if that’s all you need. We will be happy to come out to your pool and give you a quote on opening or closing based on what you need to be done. Call today!


Safety Covers

A safety cover is a pool cover that anchors into the concrete/wood/stone deck around your pool and is stretched across the top. These covers come in mesh and solid [the solid must have a pump or a mesh pass thru to be considered a true safety cover]. By anchoring the cover to the deck, the cover can support a wandering child or pet, along with an adult who goes on the cover to get them. Besides the overwhelming safety factor, these covers are much easier to take off and put on. Call today and we will give you a custom quote for free!

Pool Lights

We can replace your existing pool light with a SAM Multi-Color pool light from Pentair. You can have the look and feel of fiber-optic lighting at a fraction of the cost. Call for details!

Automatic Cleaners

Is your pool ready for an automatic cleaner? There are many models to choose from, as well as, options for installation. Call for a free analysis and quote.

Pool Equipment

Tired of walking all the way to the equipment to switch from pool to spa, or to turn the heater or lights on? A Compool System from Pentair can be added to your pool at any time. Giving you complete control over all of your equipment and accessories with the touch of a button, on a digital keypad installed in your house. It’s state of the art and practical. Call for more info!

  • New Pool & Spa Construction
  • Tile & Coping Installation
  • Pool Openings & Winterization
  • New Equipment Installation
  • Complete Pool Renovations
  • Pool Plastering
  • Sand Blasting

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